At Cumberland County Steam Clean, We pride ourselves in being able to do a job well done. There are times, though, that test our abilities to the limit. One should know when their carpet is beyond being cleanable and it should be replaced. But, even in these situations when the customer wants us to try and to do our best, we will give it a 100% effort. The picture shows the severity of the carpet. We cleaned all around and left a section in the middle just to show how soiled the carpet was. Look at the top where it was already cleaned and you can see that there is still a darker “grayish” shadow still in the carpet. Not all will come out… Sometimes it is gone too far. But still yet, the end result was good enough to salvage the carpet and satisfy our client.

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Needless to say, the customer was very happy. This recliner was very soiled. We cleaned only half of the chair so we could give a side by side comparison as to how well true steam cleaning works. The ” green check mark” is the clean side (right side) and the “red X” is the dirty side (left side). Easy to tell which side is clean.